High Speed High Quali Cheap ty A4 near me shop Size Paper Guillotine

Product Description

HPM M15 Program Control Paper Cutter
Computer System
1. The up-to-date 15.6″ Widescreen LCD, full touch screen; CZPT PLC control.
2. Eight languages to choose.
3. Metric system and British system two units, show the dimensions of the CZPT knife and the back knife.
4. Step less speed adjustment function with latest technology , to make the cutting speed from 30 to 48 times within 1 minute , no need to change knife angle for different cutting material.
5. Position resolution of backgauge is 0.01mm, closed-loop control, the locating error is less 0.01mm; No need to adjust locating error. CZPT . backgauge speed is 30-38m/min. 20-30 m/min . 15-20 m/min. 12-15 m/min .(four class to adjust).
6. The program storage capacity is 300 programs. CZPT y program can store 299 items cutting sizes. The storage memory has a maximum of 40 years.
7. With USB, transmit data, to convenient operator make programming and arrangement via PC.
8. Equipped with fault diagnostics and CZPT -repeat safety guards.it can detect all the position switch state and dynamic  prompt switch failure.make the machine more convenient maintenance.
9. The backgauge is driven by a CZPT servo-motor with four speed levels.
10. Use CZPT oil pump and hydraulic system.
11. With automatic pushing paper function, the distance can be adjusted.
12. Adjustable time delay for knife activation, accurate and convenient.
13. Uses icons to show operational functions, which are simple and user friendly.
14.  With full automatic cutting function. The backgauge and knife movements can be monitored on the screen.
Machine Performance
1. Knife-seat guiding structure with sliding block type, cam type for adjusting-knife mechanism.
2. Clamp press paper stack through hydraulic system, the spring re-position.
3. Worm gear drive mechanism, hydraulic clutch, mechanical brake.
4. CZPT ulic system adopts Germany CZPT d technology, the hydraulic units are ISO approved, CZPT oil pump.
5. One-piece, slot less and chrome-plated cast iron work table is sturdy and easy to maintain.
6.Import ball screw with double linear guides to drive backgauge.
7.High safety infrared protection device according to CE standard.
8.Main electronic units are from French TE and Japanese ORMON CZPT international brands.