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Product Description

Nanbei Anbh Torque Wrench Verifier with Ce

Product Description

Application and Usage:
ANBH-type torque wrench tester is a test torque wrench, torque screwdriver special equipment.
Mainly used for testing or calibration torque wrench, preset torque wrench, pointer torque wrench.
Widely used in electrical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automotive light industry, professional research and testing industry.
Torque value through the digital instrument display, accurate and intuitive.

The instrument is a specially designed for calibration or adjustment of torque wrench digital torque wrench tester, has the following characteristics:
1. Multiple units can be selected, including CZPT units (N.m), metric units ( and US units (
2. Two measurement modes, real-time, peak two modes are free to switch.
3. When the upper and lower settings are reached, the buzzer alarm
4. Data saving function, can save the measurement data group 100

1. When using this instrument for the first time, install the lateral slide block and handle.
2. Slide the slide tab into the swivel assembly and secure it with a locking screw in a position.
3. Rotate the handle into the handwheel.
4. Plug in the CZPT cable.
5. Turn on the main switch and press the CZPT button.
6. Place the torque wrench into the adapter.
7. Adjust the height adjustment spring and the length adjustment nut to the appropriate position, and then clear the display.
8. Select the desired unit and measurement mode
9. shake the hand wheel, start testing, until the instrument issued a “click” sound to complete the test.

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Product Parameters


Model ANBH-20 ANBH-50 ANBH-100
Max Load 20N.m 50N.m 100N.m
Minimum resolution 0.001 0.001 0.001
Accuracy ±1%
Unit exchange N.m
Power Input:AC 220v  Output:DC 12V
Working temp. 5ºC~35ºC
Shipping temp. -10ºC~60ºC
Relative humidity 15%~80%RH
Working CZPT Surrounded by no source and corrosive media
Weight 19kg

Related Product


The ANJ-M torque wrench tester is a special device for verifying torque wrenches and torque wrenches
Mainly used to detect a variety of fixed-type torque wrench, digital torque wrench, preset torque wrench, torque screwdriver, screwdriver and other equipment involved in tightening force and products
Widely used in electrical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automotive light industry, professional research and testing industry
1. Seven-inch touch screen, can display real-time curve;
Can switch between Chinese and English;
3. The use of high-precision torque sensor, with torque direction display;
4. Three units convert each other to choose from (N.m
5. Can be inserted U disk to save the data can be printed;
6. Storage capacity, you can save the data to the U disk, save the data automatically saved as Excel format documents.
7. Using CZPT drive, the torque load more stable, more effort to operate.
8.480 × 800 resolution color screen;
9. CZPT precision, high resolution, sampling speed;
10. The upper and lower limits should be set, the font red light and buzzer sound and light alarm;
11. Real-time, peak two modes can be free to switch;
12. CZPT hold function;


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Q1: Why Choose CZPT ?
(1).Professional manufacturer with more than 13 years experience
(2).Exported to more than 97% Countries
(3).Turnkey Solution is no problem

Q2:OEM,ODM acceptable or not?
Absolutely Yes

Q3:What’s kind of Payment terms for CZPT er choosing?
T/T ,Western CZPT , Money Gram , Credit Card, Paypal , L/C …

Q4:Can you visit your factory online?
Absolutely no problem

Q5:Can online video inspection before shipment?
Absolutely no problem

Q6: what’s the MOQ ? Sample order is OK?
MOQ:1 set, sample order is no problem

Q7:What’s kind of shipment for CZPT er choosing?
Usually ship by sea, by air, by international express .
We can also provide reasonable solutions according to your transportation requirements

Q8:How to ensure product quality and after-sales service?
We have CE, ISO quality certificate, and SGS authentication.

After-sale service:

  1. Warranty : 1 year
  2. We supply free part for quality problem in warranty
  3. Long life technical support and service

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