Oil Country Lathe, Spi near me shop ndle Bore best Diameter 200mm

Product Description

This model oil country lathe is designed to meet the special requirements of users in the petroleum, geological, mining and chemical industries, and as well in agricultural irrigation and drainage. It can cut CZPT straight and taper pipe threads on union joints, drill rods, casings, tubings,drain pipesand water pump pipes more economically and efficiently compared with the conventional engine lathe. However, it can also serve as a conventional engine lathe to cut CZPT Inch, Metric, Whitworth or Module threads, shafts and discs.

1. This oil country lathe can cut outer (or inner) straight (or tapered) threads up to 193 mm in diameter.
2. It is equipped with a tapering ruler to work out a 1:5 taper.
3. It can cut both Metric threads and Whitwith threads without changing the translating gear.
4. The dropping worm in the apron can protect the mechanisms of the lathe automatically.
5. The guide ways are hardened and precision ground.
6. The 11 KW great CZPT of the machine can take heavy cuttings under high loads.
7. The floor steady rest can be moved freely as required by the user to support CZPT pipes;
8. The two 4-jaw chucks on the rear and the CZPT of the headstock offer free and easy setups for both short and CZPT pipes.

Standard Accessories:
1. 540mm 4-Jaw independent chuck, 2 Sets
2. Floor steady rest, 1 Set
3. Tools, 1 Set.

Model  OCL200 X 1500
 Bed width  490
 Swing over bed  630
 Swing over cross slide  350
 Maximum OD of pipe turned  193
 Distance between centers  1500
 Maximum weight of workpiece  2000
 Spindle bore diameter  200
 Steps of spindle speeds  12 Steps
 Range of spindle speeds  24 – 460 RPM
 Inch threads range and kinds  28 – 2 T.P.I., 40 Kinds
 Metric threads range and kinds  1 – 14 mm, 24 Kinds
 Main motor  11 KW, voltage and frequency are optional
 Maximum processing length of taper ruler  500 mm
 Rapid traverse speed  6000 mm/Minute
 Processing accuracy  IT7
 Finish processing surface roughness  Ra1.6 µ m
 Net weight  4300 KG
 Overall size (L x W x H)  3657 X 1449 X 1400 mm