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Product Description

1, Used to close ends of piping
2, Has no bore
3, Permits access to sealed lines
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Orifice, Expander, Reducing, CZPT weight, Studding Outlets, CZPT Weld Necks,Metric, Navy Drawings, CZPT er Drawings

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Full Name Casting grey iron Cavity with pinting 
Material Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Carbon Steel, grey iron
Standard: ANSI,BS,DIN, EN1092-1, JIS
ANSI Flanges  
Dimension: ANSI B16.5, B14.47, B16.36, B16.48
Material Spec.: ASTM A182, A351, DIN, ASTM A105, A216 WCB
Material Grades: F305, F304L, F316, F316L, CF8, CF8M, CF3M
  DIN1.4301, DIN1.4306, DIN1.4401, DIN1.4404
  DIN1.4308, DIN1.4408, DIN1.4306, DIN1.4409
  DIN1.0402, DIN1.0460, DIN1.0619
Class: 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
Flange Type: Weld Neck, Threaded, Slip-on, Lap CZPT , Socket Weld, Blind
BS Flanges  
Dimension: BS4504
PN: 2.4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 40
Flange Type: Weld Neck, Threaded, Slip-on, Lap CZPT , Socket Weld, Blind
DIN Flanges  
Description: 1) Blind Flange
  DIN2527, Rate Pressure: 6 – 100 bar
  2) Flat Flange for welding (Slip on)
  6Bar DIN2573, 10Bar DIN2576, 16Bar DIN2502, 25/40Bar DIN2503
  3) Welding Neck Flange
  1/2.5Bar DIN2630, 6Bar DIN2631, 10Bar DIN2632, 16Bar DIN2633,
  25Bar DIN2634, 40Bar DIN2635, 64Bar DIN2636, 100Bar DIN2637,
  160Bar DIN2638, 250Bar DIN2628, 320Bar DIN2629, 400Bar DIN2627
  4)Lapped (lapped joint) flange, Plain collar
  6Bar DIN2641, 10Bar DIN2642,
  5)Loose flange and ring for welding (slip-on flange and plain collar)
  6Bar DIN2652, 10Bar DIN2653, 25Bar DIN2655, 40Bar DIN2656,
  6)Loose flange and ring with neck for welding
  10Bar DIN2673
  7)Oval plain threaded flange
  6Bar DIN2558
  8)Oval plain, with neck threaded
  10/16 Bar DIN2561
  9)Thread flange with neck
  6Bar DIN2565, 10/16 DIN2566, 25/40Bar DIN2567,
  64Bar DIN2568, 100Bar DIN2569
  10)Long neck welding flange
  10/25Bar DIN28115
  11)Hubbed slip-on flange for welding
  10Bar DIN86571, 16Bar DIN86030
EN1092-1 Flanges  
Description: 1) Plate (Slip on) flange for welding
  6/10/16/25/40/63/100 Bar
  2)Loose plate flanges with weld-on plate collar
  6/10/16/25/40/63 Bar
  3)Loose plate flanges with weld-neck collar
  6/10/16/25/40/63 Bar
  4) Blamk (Blind) Flange
  6/10/16/25/40/63/100 Bar
  5) Welding Neck Flange
  6/10/16/25/40/63/100 Bar
  6)Hubbed slip-on flange for welding
  6/10/16/25/40/63/100 Bar
  7)Hubbed threaded flanges
  16/40/63/100 Bar
  8)Integral Flanges
  6/10/16/25/40/63/100 Bar
  9)Weld-on plate collars
  6/10/16/25/40 Bar
  10)Lapped pipe ends
  6/10/16/25/40 Bar
  11)Weld-Neck Collars
  6/10/16/25/40 Bar
JIS Flanges  
Description: 2/5/10/16/20/30/40/63 kg/cm2