Spindle Bore Diameter 440 sales mm, Oil Country La shop thes

Product Description

This model is designed to meet the special requirements of users in the petroleum, geological, mining and chemical ndustries, and in agricultural irrigation and dranage. It is able to cut CZPT straight and taper pipe threads of union joints, drill rods, casting pipes, drain pipes, well casings and water pump pipes more economically and efficiently as compared with the engine lathe. However, it may serve as an engine lathe to cut CZPT metric, Whitworth and module threads, shafts and disks. After all it is an ideal machine for the petroleum, mining geological, chemical and agricultural industries.

1. The machine is able to cut outer and inner threads of Straight and taper pipes up to 430mm in diameter.
2. The machine is equipped with a tapering unit which can works out a 1: 4 taper.
3. The machine is able to cut both metric and Whitwith threads without changing the translating gear.
4. The dropping worm in the apron can protect the mechanisms of the lathe automatically.
5. The guide way is hardened and finely finished.
6. The great CZPT of the machine is competent at heavy load and CZPT cutting.
7. The floor center rest can be moved freedy as required by the user. The center rest is provided with an adjustable clamp unit for CZPT pipes, greatly reducing labour.
8. The 4-jaw head stock offers free clamp of both short and CZPT pipes.

ITEMS Model: OCL440X1700
Swing over bed (mm) Φ1000
Swing over carriage (mm) Φ610
Range of processing pipe thread (mm) Φ270-430
Distance between centers (mm) 1700
Max.  taper of work-piece (mm) 1:4
Taper bar travel (mm) 1000
Width of bed (mm) 755
Spindle bore (mm) Φ440
Main motor CZPT (kw) 22
Step and range of spindle speed (r/min) 9steps/4/9-180
Longitudinal feed (grades/mm) 32/0.1-1.5
Cross feed (grades/mm) 32/0.05-0.75
Metric thread pitch (grades/mm) 2571-1-15
Inch thread pitch (grades/inch) 2571-2-28
Lead screw pitch (inch) 12
Carriage rapid traverse speed (mm/min) 3740
Cross slide rapid traverse speed (mm/min) 1870
Carriage travel (mm/min) 1500
Cross slide travel (mm) 520
Tool post travel (mm/min) 300
Distance between spindle center and tool post (mm) 48
Size of tool section (mm) 45×45
Max. swivel angle of tool post (°) ±90°
Cross slide dial movement range (mm/scale) 0.05
Tool post dial movement range (mm/scale) 0.05
Dia. and taper of tailstock quill (mm/Morse) Φ140/MT #6
Tailstock quill travel (mm) 300
Tailstock cross travel (mm) ±25
Overall dimension(L/W/H) 5000×2100×1650
Net weight(kg) 13000
Chuck Φ1000/ 4-jaw electrical chuck
Floor stand and taper bar Both