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china Manufacturer Alloy Steel Roller Chain Drive Sprocket For Transmission Machine wholesaler


Double sales Plu supplier s Chain (2.5 and 3 Times) Speed-Fold Conveyor Chain

Product Description

CZPT -fold conveyor chains, speed-fold chain , CZPT converor chain is widely used in food machinery,pharmaceutical machinery , rubber machinery ,printing machinery,electronic equipment ,sewage treatment equipment,automatic transmission equipment.The product has a high temperature, corrosion resistance and features. Our company has all kinds of specifications of stainless steel sleeve roller chain,double away from the roller chain, double pitch conveyor chain, stainless steel differential chain, all kinds of hollow chain, metric chain as wall as CZPT specifications of stainless steel mesh belt conveyor chains and can according to CZPT er requirements, the incoming sample CZPT er CZPT -standard chain ,sprocket.

 our company is a national early trial of stainless steel chain ,sprocket , one of professional manufacturers, CZPT technical force,experienced ,well-equipped,reasonable prices, Product best-selling country and exported to CZPT pe, CZPT Asia and other places, well received by users at home .

 Welcome to all of the world friends inquire us and cooperation with us !


Chain No. Pitch Roller Dia.  Wheel Dia. Roller Depth  Wheel Depth Bearing Pin Body Dia. Plate Depth Outer CZPT Plate Thickness Inner CZPT Plate Thickness Width over CZPT Pin Width over Connecting CZPT
BS 25-C206B 19.05 11.91 18.3 4.0 8.0 3.28 8.26 1.3 1.5 24.2 27.5
BS 25-C208A 25.40 15.88 24.6 5.7 10.3 3.96 12.07 1.5 2.0 32.6 36.5
BS 25-C210A 31.75 19.05 30.6 7.1 13.0 5.08 15.09 2.0 2.4 40.2 44.3
BS 25-C212A 38.10 22.23 36.6 8.5 15.5 5.94 18.08 3.0 4.0 51.1 55.7
BS 25-C216A 50.80 28.58 49.0 11.0 21.5 7.92 24.13 4.0 5.0 66.2 71.6
BS30-C206B 19.05 9.0 18.3 4.5 9.1 3.28 7.28 1.3 1.5 26.3 29.6
BS30-C208A 25.40 11.91 24.6 6.1 12.5 3.96 9.60 1.5 2.0 35.6 39.5
BS30-C210A 31.75 14.80 30.6 7.5 15.0 5.08 12.2 2.0 2.4 43.0 47.1
BS30-C212A 38.10 18.00 36.6 9.75 20.0 5.94 15.0 3.0 4.0 58.1 62.7
BS30-C216A 50.80 22.23 49.0 12.0 25.2 7.92 18.6 4.0 5.0 71.9 77.3

RF Series best Conv near me shop eyor Chain with Sprockets

Product Description

RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – F type
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – S type
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – M,N type
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – A-1 Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – K-1 Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – A-2 Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – K-2 Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – A-2 (Welded) Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – A-3 (Welded) Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – SA-2 Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – SK-2 Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – G-2 Attachment
RF CZPT Chain Basic Metric Series – G-4 Attachment
Material: Iron, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Steel,Stainless Steel.
Package: Carton, Wood Box, Pallet.
Type Of CZPT : Sea, Air, Train.
Loading Port: HangZhou,ZheJiang ,HangZhou,HangZhoug.
Usage: The chains are similar to double pitch CZPT transmission chains, but the CZPT Plates have a straight contour and can be produced with standard or large rollers. They are used in conveyor applications where loads are low and speeds are moderate.

Complete In Specifications, Wide Varieties, CZPT Quality, Reasonable Price, Timely Delivery Guaranteed, Quality Assurance.
Welcome To Consult Negotiate.

HangZhou CZPT ng CZPT Hao CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd.
Welcome You To Purchase Our Products And We’ll Serve You Heart And Soul.
Chain CZPT , Gear CZPT , Worm CZPT , Friction Wheel CZPT , Hydraulic CZPT , CZPT CZPT .

Our Company’s Website Is dazhengjinhao.en.made-in-china.com ;You Can Check Some Information From Our Website.

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HSS Sle Custom eved Roller Transmission Chain Wheel Sprocket Ho best b

Product Description

Material  HSS, HSS-Co, PM-HSS    
 Heat treatment hardness  64 – 67HRC
 Condition  New
 Certificate  ISO9001, TUV
 Function  Roller chain sprocket wheel hobbing
 Coating  TiN,TiAlN,TiCN,AlCrN and so on
 Profile  Non-involute profile (as roller chain sprocket  wheel,paralle side spline, timing belt wheel, serration, cycloid gear and so  on)   
 Flute  Straight and CZPT cal flute
 Type  Hole type (including CZPT itudinal and transversal keyway)  and  Shank type (taper shank and cylindrical shank)
 Standard  GB, DIN, AGMA, BS, and so on

Hobs Range:
Module: M0.2~M45
Diameter: Ø20~Ø500
Overall: ~650
Bore: Metric Ø8. Ø10. Ø13. Ø16. Ø19.Ø22. Ø27. Ø32. Ø40. Ø50. Ø60. Ø70. Ø80. Ø100 and Inch
Morse taper. 7:24 taper and other taper.

Standard: GB/T6084. DIN3968. ANSI B94.7. JIS B4354…
Accuracy Grade: CZPT . AA. A

Materials of hobs:
Materials is not the difference of good or bad, only use for suitable or unsuited.
High speed steel: M2. M35. 
Power high speed steel: S790. S590. S390. ASP2030. ASP2052. ASP2060.
Carbide: P-Type, K-Type.
HSS inserted blade
Carbide brazed



(Pitch ×Roller Dia.)

Outside Dia.

Overall Length

Hole Dia.





































China Ind factory ustrial Standard Chain Sprock Custom ets/ Industrial Chain Sprocket Wheel

Product Description

We can supply types and sizes sprocket by your requirement.

Standard and CZPT standard.

Metric system, British system, U. S. System.

Pitch: 3/8″, 4/8″, 5/8′, 6/8″, 8/8″, 10/8″.

Type: A, B, BW. Single, Double.

Material: Mild steel, cast steel, cast iron, forged steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, Plastic, POM, aluminium alloy, zn alloy, bronze, brass, chrome.

Surface treatment: Carburizing, hardening and tempering, nitriding, high frequency treatment, black of oxidation, zincing, nickelage.

Machine: CNC engine lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, hobbing machine, gear shaper, grinder.

Competitive price & prime quality & best service & timely shipment
A, B, C Type CZPT
C45 steel,stainless steel
Teeth Harden
Simplex, Duplex, Triplex

1.Sprocket (Type A,B,C)
2.Welding CZPT
3.Taper Bored CZPT s
4.Double Single CZPT s
5.Double Pitch CZPT s
6.Idler CZPT
7.Roller Chain CZPT . (Conveyor Chain)
8.Stainless Steel sprocket, Shaft CZPT , Plastic CZPT ,


Carbon steel: C45 1045,A3,40Cr, 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo etc
Stainless Steel: SS304 SS316 etc
Copper/Brass, Aluminium,Cast iron,Nylon/plastic, etc.
Production Processing Forging, Cutting, Hobbing, lathe machining, grinding, broaching, thread rolling, final inspection
Heat treatment Hardening and Tempering, CZPT Frequency Quenching, Carburizing Quenching and so on.
Surface treatment Galvanizing/Zinc Plating,Color Painting, Dacrotized, Black Anodic Treatment, Spray CZPT , Mirror Finish, Burnishing, Sand-blasting and so on according to CZPT ers’ demand.
Performance High precision, high wear resistance, low noise, smooth and steady, high strength
Standard Standard sprocket:DIN8187, DIN8188, ISO , ANSI , JIS,BS.
Nonstandard sprockets as to CZPT ers’ Drawing or sample.
Model number type A, type B, type C,simplex, duplex, triplex  35B10-80,40B9-90,50B9-90,60B9-90,80B9-90,100B9-90,120B9-80,140B10-60,160B10-60,06B10-125,08B9-125,10B9-125,12B9-125,16B9-125,20B9-114,24B9-90,28B9-76,32B9-76


Smr Series Torque Arm Cheap and Back Stop Ductile Iron 1400rpm Keyed Bucket Elevator and Chain Conveyor Hollow Shaft Output Gearboxes for Mining Quarry App price lication

Product Description


Smr Series Torque Arm and Back Stop Ductile Iron 1400rpm Keyed Bucket CZPT vator and Chain CZPT Hollow Shaft Output Gearboxes for CZPT Quarry Application

1. Housing: CZPT -strength Gray Cast Iron Gearboxes
2. Gears: CZPT cal Involute Gears, Carburizing, Quenching, Grinding
3. Shafts: High-strength Hardening Alloy Steel
4. Input Configurations: Keyed Solid Shaft Input
5. Output Configurations: Keyed Hollow Shaft Output
6. Oil Seal: Double Lips Skeleton Seal
7. CZPT Parts: Torque arm, Optional Backstop

1 Stage(Ratio 5): B05, C05, D05, E05, F05, G05, H05, J05
2 Stage(Ratio 13/20): B13/20, C13/20, D13/20, E13/20, F13/20, G13/20, H13/20, J13/20
1. CZPT strength of CZPT , gears and shafts, sturdy and durable
2. 2 metric output shaft bore diameters(Standard and Optional)
3. Optional backstop to prevent backdriving. Backstop is not recommended for the gear ratio 5
4. Double lips skeleton oil seal combines the functions of seal and dust-proof
5. Widely used in belt conveyor and pulley drive system

Conveyors in Mine, Quarry, Gravel Transport, Baggage & Bulk Handling, Animal Feeding, etc.

1. Hanging Shaft Mounted
2. Output Flange MountedLubrication:
Oil-bath and Splash

Lubricating Oil: CZPT Oil and Synthetic Oil
Extreme pressure oil is not recommended, unless in case of with backstop

Natural CZPT



Output Shaft Bore

Max. Torque*

Nominal Ratio




































Related Products

Company Information


High-Strength Smr Sh Cheap aft Mounted Gearbox Reducer Custom for Bucket Elevator and Chain Conveyor

Product Description

Product Description

High-Strength SMR shaft mounted gearbox reducer for bucket elevator and chain conveyor

1. Product Characteristics
(1) CZPT alloy steel, hardened, ground on journals, gear seatings and extensions, for maximum load and maximum torsional loads. Generous size shaft keys for shock loading and conform to iso standards.
(2) Standard or alternative hubs with metric bores are CZPT to suit international standard shaft diameters.
(3) CZPT alloy materials for high load capacity, carburizing and quenching, ground profile(some intermediate pinions are shaved) crown tooth profile, 98% efficiency for per stage, smooth quiet operation with several teeth in mesh.
(4) Close grain cast iron construction, excellent vibration dampening & shock resistance features, precision bored and dowelled to ensure accurate in-line assembly.
(5) Eliminates the need for critical tightening of torque arm bolts, controls position of standard torque arm mounting within recommended.
(6) CZPT s are adequately proportioned and conform to iso dimension plan, readily CZPT world-wide. Oil seals are double garter spring type, ensuring effective oil sealing.
(7) Self sealing intermediate cover plates, to standard iso housing dimensions.
(8) Alternative parts, anti-run back device, are CZPT on bothl 13:1 and 20:1 ratio units and do not recommend for 5:1 units.
(9) To adjust the install space location of reducer and the elasticity of belt.

 The models of SMR shafted mounted gearbox: B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J series shaft mounted gearbox 

Detailed Photos


Product Parameters

Rated CZPT
Gear Arrangement Output CZPT Ratio Back-stop
0.29KW~134KW Helical Hardened Gearbox 10~400r/min I=1/5,1/13,1/20 Alternative parts, Anti-runback device

Packaging & CZPT



Company Profile



Our Advantages


Our Services:

Pre-sale services 1. Select equipment model.
2.Design and manufacture products according to clients’ special requirement.
3.Train technical personal for clients
Services during selling 1.Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery.
2. Help clients to draft solving plans.
After-sale services 1.Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme.
2. Train the first-line operators.
3.Take initiative to eliminate the trouble rapidly.
4. Provide technical exchanging.


1.Q:What kinds of gearbox can you produce for us?
A:Main products of CZPT company: UDL series speed variator,RV series CZPT reducer, ATA series shaft mounted gearbox, X,B series gear reducer,
P series planetary gearbox and R, S, K, and F series CZPT cal-tooth reducer, more
than one hundred models and thousands of specifications
2.Q:Can you make as per CZPT drawing?
A: Yes, we offer CZPT ized service for CZPT ers.
3.Q:What is your terms of payment ?
A: 30% CZPT payment by T/T after signing the contract.70% before delivery
4.Q:What is your MOQ?
A: 1 Set


 If you have any demand for CZPT products please feel free to contact me.


in Warangal India sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier OEM Design Hardened Steel Motorcycle Flywheel Chain Sprocket Gear manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Warangal India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier OEM Design Hardened Steel Motorcycle Flywheel Chain Sprocket Gear manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

With a lot of years’ encounter in these strains, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our benefits in aggressive pricing, on-time shipping, prompt responses, on-hand engineering assistance and great soon after-sales solutions. focus in electrical power transmission goods, CATV items, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and promotional items. Superior thermo treatment method products, this sort of as community heat treatment method oven, multi-use thermo treatment oven, and many others. Hardened metal bike flywheel EPT sprocket EPT OEM price

Floor: as your necessity

EPT: metal / EPT / brass / iron / zinc / alloy
Any other material and dimension is dependent on customers’ demand.
Usage: EPTTry / furnishings / toy / woodboard / wall
EPT procedure: EPT lathe parts
Euipment: lathe EPTT
Tests gear: Projector, Hardness, Salt Spray, Roughness Tester, Top Gauge
Tolerance: /-.05MM

EPTs/ EPTT/ Marine
Oil and Fuel/ EPT/ EPTT
Supposed Application Shafts
EPT Factors
EPTT Doorway Parts
Fire Suppression Method Factors
Fittings/ Fasteners
Roller EPTTs
EPT Moments Accessible Max: 2 Months (On Preliminary Buy)
Rush Providers Accessible
Business StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds ISO 9001:2008
RoHS Compliant
Further Capabilities CAD Layout Providers
CAM Programming Providers
Coordinate Measuring EPTTs (CMM)
Reverse EPT
EPT List From basic 2-aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s turning to 7-aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s, switch-mill-drill CNC Swiss-variety EPTTs, we are geared up with a total line of CNC equipment from the pursuing manufactures:
molding EPTTs/ stamping EPTTs
computerized lathe EPTTs/ EPT EPTTs.
EPTT Capabilities Continuous Machining
EPT (EPTs) Alloy Steels/ EPTT/ Brass/ Bronze Alloys
EPTT Steel/ Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Device Metal
Cold Rolled Steel/ EPTT Metal
(Plastic EPTmers)
Abdominal muscles/ Delrin/ Nylon/ PVC
(EPT Capabilities)
Broaching/ Hobbing/ Slotting
Tolerance plusmn0.0002 in
plusmn0.0051 mm


Q1:How to assure the EPTT of EPTT Elements?

A1:we are ISO 9001-2008 qualified agency. we have the integrated system for EPTT components good quality control. We have IQC (incoming top quality control), IPQCS (in procedure good quality handle EPT), FQC (ultimate quality management) and OQC (out-heading high quality manage) to handle each approach of EPTT components prodution.

Q2:What is actually the Edge of Your Parts for Business EPT?

A2:Our advantage is the aggressive charges, quick shipping and higher high quality. Our staff are accountable-oriEPTTd, pleasant-oriEPTTd,and dilient-oriEPTTd. our EPTT elements items are featured by rigid tolerance, clean end and EPTT-lifestyle efficiency.

Q3:what are our machining equipmengts?

A3:Our machining equipments incEPTT CNC milling EPTTs, CNC turning EPTTs, stamping
EPTTs,hobbing EPTTs, automatic lathe EPTTs, tapping EPTTs, grinding EPTTs,
screw EPTTs, cutting EPTTs and so on.

Q4: What delivery techniques our use?

A4:EPTTly sEPTing, we will use UPS or DHL to ship the merchandise. Our clients can reach the
products in three days.If our clients do not require them urgently, we will also use Fedex and TNT.If the goods are of hefty fat and massive volumn, we will ship them by sea. This way can conserve
our customers a whole lot of cash.

Q5:Who are our primary customers?

A5:HP, Samsung, Jabil Group,Lexmark,Flextronic Team.

Q6:What components can you deal with?

A6:Brass,bronze,copper,stainless steel, metal,EPT,EPTTium And plastic.

Q7:How EPTT is the Supply for Your EPTT Component?

A7:EPTTly sEPTing, it will get us fifteen working days for machining elements and 25 functioning times for
the for stamping parts merchandise. But we will shorten our guide time in accordance to customers’ demands
if we are in a position to.

  in Warangal India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier OEM Design Hardened Steel Motorcycle Flywheel Chain Sprocket Gear manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Warangal India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier OEM Design Hardened Steel Motorcycle Flywheel Chain Sprocket Gear manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Zaragoza Spain sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Corrugated Carton Box Chain Feeder Flexo 2 Color Printer Slotter manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Zaragoza Spain  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Corrugated Carton Box Chain Feeder Flexo 2 Color Printer Slotter manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Our item variety contains all varieties of helical gear, spur gear, bevel equipment, gear rack, worm gear, sprockets,chains, bearings. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was founded in November, 1997. With its 5 wholly owned subsidiaries. We are searching forward to building effective enterprise interactions with new clients about the entire world in the long term.

corrugated carton box EPT feeEPTflexo two colour printer slotter

Chain EPT slotting die reducing EPT for sale can total one-three colour printing, slicing, urgent, trimming, grooving, Angle cutting, die slicing, punching and other processes of the cardboard at a single time.EPTing edge adsorption paper feeding, adjustable air quantity,






Max.EPT velocity(pcs/min)




Max.Feeding dimensions(mm)

920 times2100

1450 times2900

1660 times3100

Skip printing area(mm)

920 times2000

1450 times2800

1600 times3000

Standard slot Min.Feeding dimension(mm)

250 times530

380 times550

400 times550

Linkage Min.Feeding dimension

380 times750

four hundred times750

Max.Depth of slotting




EPT plate thickness


(levels) cardboard thickness(mm)


Slot width(mm)


Minimize corner deepness(mm)


Registration precision(mm)


Slotting precision(mm)

le plusmn1.two

Die reducing precision(mm)

le plusmn1.2

Ordinary Min.Slotting interval


one hundred sixty times160 times160 times160

a hundred twenty five times125 times125 times125

one hundred twenty five times125 times125 times125


240 times80 times240 times80

215 times40 times215 times40

215 times40 times215 times40

Linkage Min.Slotting interval


one hundred eighty times180 times180 times180

180 times180 times180 times180


270 times65 times270 times65

270 times65 times270 times65

Chain printing slotting die cutting EPT
one.EPT EPT is produced of 45# substantial top quality metal via higher hardness warmth treatment, processed and created according to substantial precision, with cross slide EPT EPT and spray lubrication mechanism.
two.EPT circulation ink feeding technique, the ink roller can be pneumatically elevated and unbiased rotation.
3.All rollers are plated with chromium to boost hardness.
4.EPT, slotting, die-cutting electrical section adjustment mechanism utilizing planetary EPT structure.(360 degree electric adjustment for both working and halting states)
5.Electric powered separation, pneumatic locking.
6.Module design and style, multicolor printing unit arbitrary mixture.
seven.The slotting part slotting box heigEPT can be altered by handbook synchronous box heigEPT or all electrical adjustment of box heigEPT and row knife, PLC contact EPT control, and can shop the order.
8.Cost-free slotting die slicing device holder, do common carton slotting require not do template, preserve EPT, enhance effectiveness.(optional) rubber cushion roller automatic displacement system, to extend the provider existence of rubber cushion.
9.EPTorted quick-alter rubber pad, rubber pad grinding correction mechanism.
ten.EPT depend location, prompt soon after completion of preset quantity.

Thorough Pictures

Finished Carton box manufactured by printing slotting die cutting EPT for sale

Applicable business

Clothes manufacturing facility, shoe manufacturing unit, food manufacturing facility, pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, pesticide EPT, EPTrage EPT box, handicraft EPT, cup EPT, EPT EPT, battery vehicle EPT, children’s toEPTEPT, EPT EPT, household furniture EPT, all kinds of tiny commodity EPT, EPT little parts EPT.

Business Information


1)Inside of EPT could be iron frame:It is a lot more organization to steer clear of shake and harm.

two)Exterior EPT could be picket scenario:The wooden case is of soft texture could reduce hurt from influence

three)Waterproof plastic:Hold merchandise dry and keep away from damp

four)We also settle for custom-made reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ding the package

EPT Exhibits

Client pay a visit to

For now, we have client from South EPT Asia and south Asia, Middle EPT, Europe, American, Africa and so on spot. They get not only EPT printing slotting die chopping EPT but also other product we provided.In addition, we could support consumer to orEPTother solution we dont creation.Customers are welcome to check out our manufacturing unit and most of them pleased with our merchandise high quality, manufacturing unit scale as well as our service.If you are fascinating, remember to dont be reluctant to occur fulfill us!


Our Providers

one)3 many years warranty for EPT.EPT to doorway provider.

two)EPT handbook and Movie for EPT making use of and servicing.

3)We provide cost-free instruction in our manufacturing unit, welcome to check out and learn much more about our EPTs.

four)Totally free equipment:Software ,manual, e-book, video clips, USB handle


one.Are you a buying and selling organization or manufacturing facility?

We are the producer and also we have EPT export license.

two.The place is your business located?How can I check out there?

Our factory address:HangEPTg EPT, HangEPT metropolis, ZheJiang province,EPT

three.Can you send out technician for set up and education?

Of course, we can deliver our technician abroad for installation and training, but all the fees should be compensated by purchaser, this sort of as the plane tickets (a spherical excursion), foods, hotel, targeted traffic etc.

four.Whats your guarantee time

We can just take three years guarantee, really our EPTest cooperation client have been employing our item for more than 10 many years with no issue.

  in Zaragoza Spain  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Corrugated Carton Box Chain Feeder Flexo 2 Color Printer Slotter manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Zaragoza Spain  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Corrugated Carton Box Chain Feeder Flexo 2 Color Printer Slotter manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler